European Bonds in a Time of Separation


Monday Lunch

On Monday 6.12.2021 the Czech stay officially began. Our Romanian friends arrived towards the end of the previous week and our, Greek friends on Sunday 5.12.

At 9 o´clock all of us met up in the classroom of physics and biology.

 The classroom was, where the Czech team fully introduced ourselves, and the students were informed about the whole program of their stay.

After our welcome, we were shown a presentation made by the students from the foreign schools about their schools. Also, we were split into international teams, and each team was given work to do throughout the whole week.

Sorting into international Teams

At first, we were split into international teams, the teams worked together throughout the whole week. There were 4 teams and 2 teams formed by 8 people, and the other 2 had 7 people, there were 3 international students in each team.

 These teams completed different work that was given to them throughout the week (like making a newspaper for the project), and they´ve spent time together during the Thursday workshops, bowling, and got to know our city through a game. At the end of the week, the work done was evaluated and shown to the other teams, after that the best team was announced.

Monday Game

We were divided into international teams and we went into the streets of Neratovice. That was our way of showing the city to the international students, that way we were on fresh air and we got to know each other better.

The teams had a task, in one hour visit as many marked locations that they could find in the map when they arrived at the locations, they were supposed to také a picture of themselves, plus some additional tasks for bonus points. The locations were picked out because we thought they were significant to Neratovice. 

There had to be Princess Emma´s House, the Love hill, and of course the statue of a book. After the return, the teams made a collage made of the pictures they took, and that was the way to finish the game.

The winners were team num. 1, second place was achieved by team num.3. The last place was shared by teams 2 and 4.


Trip to Prague

On Tuesday 7.12.2021 we decided that within the project Erasmus+ we chose to organize a trip to Prague. At 8 o´clock a bus was waiting for us in front of the school, The bus drove us to Malostranské plaza. Where our walk towards the museum began.

We began walking at Malostranské plaza from where we aimed at Charles bridge. Where our teacher told us about the history of the bridge, then our walk continued.

When we crossed the bridge we passed the National Theatre and then we got to the Národní street, where we noticed the commemorative plague. From here our walk continued to Wenceslas Square, where we were told about the tragic fate of a student Jan Palach.

Later we walked through the street Na Příkopě and the museum was located near Republic square. To be more precise we visited the museum of communism. Where a friendly lady guided us through the museum, she talked about communism in Czechoslovakia in multiple different ways. From history, sport, economics to art. The whole excursion was about an hour and a half and was full of interesting facts. In the end, we got to watch a film about the Velvet revolution.

After the prepared program we split up, and everyone went their own way, however, most of the students went for lunch together.

Questioning Prague Contemporary

What do people think about the division of the Czechoslovak Republic? We asked the citizens of Prague about the separation 1.1. 1993 and despite the unwillingness of some citizens, we found some interesting information. Less than half of the respondents were able to say the full date of the event, but most knew just that it was on the new year.

Almost everyone agreed that the partition was a good move, although the older adults were mostly in doubt due to their habit of living in a one-connected state. However, people have said that it would not be right to prevent Slovaks from wishing for independence, and it would probably happen anyway, but in a violent way, which would lead to damage to our neighborly relations. 

But if people were to decide on the division at this time, they are not so sure, if they would behave the same way. Some strongly agreed, for the reasons of different political views or issues that appeared over the years in both countries, but most people had no reason to separate Czechoslovakia now.

When we asked how "the division affected you," everyone had a different answer. Somebody had nothing to say, parents said that the children no longer understand the Slovak language, mixed couples complained about the possibility of having only one citizen, but the biggest problem was in different currencies and travel. Overall, people perceive the whole situation positively and are glad that it was a Velvet War.


Ice Skating

On Wednesday everyone had a chance to try ice skating. Event he teachers from Greece and Romania had a shot at ice skating. The first half-hour was dedicated to getting in touch with ice skating, everyone was trying to get used to the movement. Then our P.E. teachers taught us, how to skate better, we were even shown some tricks. Even though a lot of the international students were ice skating for the first time, they were quite decent, and they´ve learn some tricks with the help of our Czech students.

Later we made a track with a slalom and tried to shoot at the hockey goal. In the last moments, some of us played a match of hockey and some of us practiced on a slalom track. We think, that everyone enjoyed it and we hope, that the international students get more motivated to ice skate when they get a chance.


Singing Workshop

At the singing workshop we learned two songs. One Slovak - "To ta Heľpa and one" Czech - "Honza s Frantou hádali se o o čepice", for which we also played a small game.

At the end of the workshop we sang some Czech Christmas carols and then we gave space to foreign students to show some of their songs.

The Christmas Decoration Workshop

The Christmas decoration workshop was divided into two parts, each with something different. In the first, we were decorating an Advent wreath. In total four wreaths were created (one for each country participating in the project). Each wreath was differently oriented, whether it was color or type of decoration.

The first was decorated only with purple ornaments, the second with red decoration, the third was only made of natural ornaments (cinnamon, orange peel, etc.) and the last had a little bit of each decoration on the previous wreath.

In the second phase of the workshop, tiny ornaments of little angels were made, using wire and colorful beads.

Language Workshop

At the beginning of the language workshop, we had prepared a presentation, where we shortly described the joint history of Czechs and Slovaks, after that, we focused on the differences between the Czech language and the Slovak language, with their similarities.

Later on, our workshop participants received a work paper, which had a short amount of grammar tips and a crossword for the students to work out. At the end of the workshop, we prepared a game of Kahoot, during which the international students had a chance to test their knowledge.


Friday Competitions

On Friday we had different contests prepared for our international guests. The first contest was a dance contest, which the students learned the day before. The judges picked the 3 best dancers out of the students- Angeliki, Zeonidas, and Panagiotis.

Late rour Romanian and Greek friends competed against each other in translating words into the Czech language and singing Czech songs. In the end, the Romanian students won thanks to Marina and Horia.

In the end, everyone played a game of Kahoot, where we asked questions about the whole week. The winner of the quiz was Horia from Romania. Everything was accompanied with a good spirit, which perfectly closed the week before the departure of our guests.

Swimming Pool

After we said goodbye to our Romanian guests, we moved to the swimming pool.

At the start, Klára Korbelová showed us a small aquabella show, which we enjoyed.

After the show, Týna prepared water polo, and later we had free time. Most of the students decided to spend their free time in the hot tub or the water slide. The Greeks enjoyed the program a lot.

March visit from Germany

From March 13th to 19th we organized a replacement programme for German students, that couldn’t have traveled to Neratovice because of the Covid-19 restrictions. Although only a few Czech students took part in this this programme and housed the German students, the programme was as busy and exciting as it was in December. However, with some changes..Instead of the Christmas tour of the castle Loučeň we visited Kutná Hora and and instead of going to the pool we visited the Prague zoo.
I think I speak for all of us when I say that we enjoyed this week very much! Even though our trip to Germany is planned in December, we have been already planning a weekend trip to Leipzig on summer holiday.

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