European Bonds in a Time of Separation

About Project European Bonds in a Time of Separation

About Project European Bonds in a Time of Separation

Erasmus is an organisation founded by the European Union, which is trying to mediate attendance of students of the participated countries in different international projects, which overall helps their education.

28 European countries are participating, including the Czech Republic. The project, which lasts about a year and a half has a theme, which is followed in a way for the whole time of the project.

The theme of our project is „European bonds in time of separation“.

The students will také part in Exchange stays, where they´ll get a chance to learn about the countries culture, improve their communication skills in a foreign language, the ability to work in teams, meet new people from different countries, and of course to have fun for the week of the stay. Exchange stays work by, every country divides their students into 3 groups of 6 people, and every single group travels to a different country. In the end, it swaps, and everyone will host a person from a foreign country, which hosted them before.

This year the project will také place in the Czech Republic first, so, first, we´ll host people from foreign countries, that are, Greece, Romania, and Germany. Throughout the week, which will be hosted in the Czech Republic, we will teach them about the history of the Czech Republic, show them our culture in detail and we´ll try to show them the backstage of the experience of living in the Czech Republic.