European Bonds in a Time of Separation



On the 4th of December 2022 our group met in Prague where we got on a train heading to Leipzig. At the Leipzig train station, we met with our host families and parted ways to each of our new homes for that week.

On the next day, Monday, we started our first day at the school where each group of students presented facts about their school, their country and its history. After lunch we had the opportunity to visit the museum of East German secret service called “Runde Ecke”.

Tuesday was the day we visited the capital of Germany, Berlin. There, we had a chance to visit a Wall museum where we learned a little bit more about the history of separation in Germany followed by a tour of a beautiful government building named Reichstag which houses the lower house of Germany’s parliament and free time walking trough the city.

On Wednesday students split into 3 groups divided into 3 workshops chosen earlier (graffiti, hip-hop and music workshop).

We worked on mentioned workshops till Friday, when everyone gathered and each group presented what they were able to come up with. The graffiti group had an Exhibition of all the pieces everyone had made, hip-hop group performed a choreography made by them and last but not least, the musical group prepared their own song in which they sang and some of them even rapped!
Saturday morning we packed our stuff and met at the Leipzig train station. As we stood together and waited for the train, we reminisced of all the great things we got to experience in this week and we even talked about keeping in contact and seeing each other again.
It was just a week but all of us enjoyed it throughly. We got reminded to not let differences separate us, on the contrary let them be something we will cherish and respect. We met new people, made friends all around the world and learned how things work in different families. None of us are ever going to forget this experience.
Around afternoon we got to the Prague train station where it all began. There, we said goodbye and returned home to our own families.